Why Do You Need A Hilux Catch Can?

As a car owner, you’d need every possible device to enhance your safety and the convenience of driving your car. While you can directly see the benefits of some accessories/parts, many others work in the background to give you a smooth drive, and one such part is the Hilux catch can.

In this piece, let’s explore what a Hilux catch can is and how it can benefit you.

What Is A Hilux Catch Can?

A Hilux catch can, also called as an oil catch tank, is typically a device that’s fitted into the car’s ventilation system to reduce the amount of oil vapors that are re-circulated within your car engine.

This Hilux catch can is placed between the breather outlet that sends out oil vapors and the intake system that absorbs this vapor so that these Hilux catch cans can absorb the oil vapor and prevent it from entering the intake system.

While talking about oil vapors, the first thought that may come to your mind is why the manufacturers haven’t come up with an idea to prevent these vapors from entering the intake system. Well, the answer is simple. Where can they let the vapors? Obviously, it can’t be expelled into the environment because it is pollution and is against the law. So, there is no other place to let out the oil vapor other than to the intake system, though it is not deemed to be the best option.

This can bring up another question. Why don’t these Hilux catch cans come as a part of the car when it is bought? Well, that’s because most people don’t even change their oil, do you think they will clean their oil tank? The idea is when you know what you’re installing and why you’ll tend to take more responsibility to clean and maintain it and that’s the logic behind keeping these Hilux catch cans as an optional accessory.

Why Do You Need A Hilux Catch Can?

Many times, while your car is running, some vapors that come from the car’s cylinder tend to get re-circulated and they enter the crankcase. In turn, these vapors increase the pressure on the crankcase and lead to problems such as damaged oil seals or breaks in the piston sealing. Besides these two issues, there is always a possibility for the buildup of oil inside the piping as the vapors from the crankcase can enter into the intake system over time. When this oil vapor cools, it forms a thin layer of oil over the intake piping and such repeated accumulations can lead to the formation of a thick sludge over this piping.

Needless to say, this thick sludge will impact the performance of the engine by limiting the amount of airflow to it. In fact, if the sludge is thick or builds up over many months, it can block the airflow when the throttle plate is shut, thereby leading to poor idling.

Another problem with oil vapor is that it can explode during the compression cycle of the engine. Sadly, this problem is more prevalent than we imagine because most cars today have high compression ratios and they run on high boost levels. This high compression ratio burns more oil, that in turn, can turn to oil vapor and cause the above problems.

A Hilux catch can prevents these problems because when vapors pass-through this tank, it is converted into oil droplets, water vapor, and sometimes even into unburnt fuel due to the process of condensation and settles inside this tank. This way, the vapors don’t reach the critical parts of your car engine and cause problems in it. This is why a Hilux catch is essential if you want to have a lasting engine performance and smooth operations without any problems.

One aspect to keep in mind is that these Hilux catch cans are more useful in direct-injected engines than in port-injected ones because, in the latter ones, the fuel that is sprayed into the intake system acts as a cleanser to clean up all the accumulated oil sludge. But in the case of direct injection engines, there is nothing to prevent the oil sludge from building up, so having a Hilux catch can for such engines is essential for the engine’s longevity and performance.

How does a Hilux catch can work?

A Hilux catch can is a simple device that’s designed to protect your car from the re-circulation of oil vapors. It plugs into a hose coming from your engine’s crankcase that goes all the way to the intake manifold. The entire vapor coming from the crankcase is absorbed by the Hilux catch can and this includes the water vapor besides the nasty contaminants. All of it is safely absorbed and condensed inside the Hilux catch can, so none of these contaminants reach the intake manifold. In this sense, it acts as a “filter” to capture all the unwanted emissions from the engine and prevent them from entering the intake engine to avoid problems such as the buildup of oil sludge.

Of course, your Hilux catch can fill up after some time and its contents can be removed by opening the drain plug located at its bottom.

Benefits of Hilux Catch Cans

So far, we have seen what are Hilux catch cans? Why do you need them? And how they work? Now, let’s briefly understand its many benefits, in a nutshell, to help you to make an informed buying decision.

  • Prevents the accumulation of oil cakes or sludge in your intake system
  • Reduces the chances for problems such as knocking
  • No more poor idling time
  • Ensures that there is no loss in power or fuel economy.

To conclude, Hilux catch cans are important accessories that help to keep your engine in good health by absorbing the entire water and oil vapor coming from the crankcase, so it doesn’t get into the intake system. In the process, these vapors are cooled down and they accumulated in the Hilux catch can. All that you have to do is empty the can once every few months, and you’re good to go!